Jerry Given a.k.a The Givemeister Biography

During one of his gigs Jerry Given met Eurovision–legend Johnny Logan, who was so impressed with his voice and performance , 

that he instantly offered to write him a song.

The song received a lot of positive attention from National Radio and TV and ended within 3 weeks in place 28 of the Dutch Mega-Charts. The video was aired for several months on music video tv channels. 

2005 brings a collaboration between Jerry and Bill Padley, a very well-known British producer who composed for international acts such as Atomic Kitten, Westlife and Faithless. 

The hitsingle “Turning 2 U” was born.

After teaming up with hitsong-writers Brian McFadden, Shane Filan 

(Both also leadsingers with Westlife)

The decision was made to produce an entire album. 

The first single taken from this album is ‘Can’t believe she’s gone’    and was released in March 2007 in the Netherlands. 

It shot straight into the Top 50 and landed on 37 to stay there for 4 weeks.

The follow-up was ‘Breathing under Water’ and received the same enthusiastic attention. Both videos were shown for weeks on the dutch music-channel TMF.

The album “Speak up” was released in the Netherlands at the end of 2007 and sold over 120.000 copies ; Double Gold and Double Platinum.

In 2009 Jerry initiated another collaboration with de Finnish hitsong-writer Patrick Sarin, with whom he produced the rocky ‘ Million Miles’.  DJ Wendel Kos heard the song and loved it so much, that he converted it into a brilliant dance-track, that was immediately picked up by all the radiostations. Including DJ Antoine (Welcome to st’Tropez) who put it on his album.

During winter 2009-2010 Jerry toured through Austria. During this period he also released another dance remix of one of his rock-songs, Can’t Breathe, which was mixed by Black Eyed Peas’ engineer Lenny B. This song also sky rocketed in no time and is still to be heard on the music channels.

In the meantime Given also put his focus on writing and producing his own songs. ‘ Fat Freddy’  was picked up by Videoland, that asked Jerry permission to use it as a jingle to their new campaign “ Let us entertain you” . 

Other big companies are knocking on his door and a new campaign for Ice-cream company Frisiana is being promoted at this moment. The song to accompany this campaign for the cool ice-cream brand Licker, “ The Licker Song, Was released in the summer 2010.

A new turn came right after that in 2010…

A remake of Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” was recorded in a way the Givemeister heard it right away….Rock!!When GaGa and publishers heard it, they approved immediately and clearance was a fact worldwide!!

Then the idea came to remake more songs in this way and a tour was set up with the name “Givemeister does diva’s”  – all songs of well known diva’s in a Givemeister rock way!

The show went all over Holland,Germany and Austria 

(Harley Davidson treff) 

New songs were written and the follow-up “Walk the line” is recorded with a great music video to it. 

The song was used in a Jaguar Commercial in the US

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